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USB / RS485 Converter The USB/RS485 converter is a cost-effective device for transfer serial data over USB. .. Product #: ch.341 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $300.00 $300.00

USB / RS485 Converter

Product Code: ch.341

Price: 300грн.

Разводка локальной сети RS-485

Existence of a permanent and complete picture of the atmosphere in the incubator at any time - is of great importance. This will not only reduce labor costs, but also enables to respond immediately if something unexpected happens. Complete information about all the processes taking place in an incubator, data logging, configuration thermostats, warning through SMS messages all this provides a transmission line between the computer and the thermostat..

Сеть состоит из следующих элементов:

01Personal Computer

02Network adapter RS485

03Cable "twisted pair"

04Network outlets

05"Patch cords" connectors

06Heating Controllers "Climate Master"

the the the
Name Quantity
Adapter USB/RS4851 PCs
software CD1 PCs
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