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Digital thermometer-hygrometer is designed for measurement of temperature and relative humidity of indoor air, warehouses, freezers, vegetable stores, hen houses, cellars, steam rooms or outdoor temperature and the supply air in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

  • high contrast and brightness of the display
  • large size of digits LED (45h35 mm).
  • supports up to three temperature sensors.
  • remotion of digital temperature sensors from the device up to 150 meters.
  • sequential automatic indication of each of the sensor temperatures.
Main functions

  • Temperature measurement.
  • Measurement of relative humidity.
  • Memorizing of the lowest and highest temperatures.
  • Installation of the lower and upper temperature limits.
  • Output for connection of the alarm.
Temperature measurementfrom -50,0 up to +125,0 °С Measurement of the relative humidityfrom 5% up to 100% The maximum capacity connected to the signal outputnot more than 500 Watt. Environment temperaturefrom -20,0 up to +45,0 °С Power supply~220V/±12V Running timearound the clock Unit dimensions130х110х40 mm.
Package ContentsAmount
Thermometer-hygrometer "CELCIUS"1 pc.
Digital temperature sensor1 pc.
Operating Instructions manual1 pc.
Additional equipment available separately

  • Digital temperature sensor (optional up to 2 pcs.).
  • Relative humidity sensor (1 pc.).
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