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Single software and hardware complex ISIDA-8 is mounted on one chamber of the incubator, "the UNIVERSAL - 50/55".
All the complexes ISIDA-8 are United in a local network and connected to a personal computer.
User-friendly software allows you to remotely control and monitor parameters of the microclimate in the incubator.
The system uses the sensors of the following types:
Digital temperature sensor (accuracy ±0.2°C).
Electronic relative humidity sensor (with accuracy ±3,5%).
Also, for the measurement of relative humidity, ISIDA-8 can use a psychrometer consisting of dry and wet temperature sensors.
The system automatically adjusts its operation to the available set of sensors.

output control

01 the Channel HEAT (smooth capacity control of heating elements)
a) closed heating elements with a capacity up to 6000 Watts.

02 the Channel MOISTURE (adaptive control)
a) solenoid valve with flow Adjuster of the water.
b) ultrasonic fog generator.
C) the high-pressure pump with spray nozzle.

03 the VENTILATION Channel (two-point control)
a) flap of the air circulation system.

04 the Channel ADDITIONAL equipment (two-point control)
a) forced heat.
b) forced cooling.
in) alarm.

05 the Channel TRAY TURNING (built in timer)
a) the mechanism of rotation of the trays.

  • Measures and regulates the temperature.
  • Measures and regulates the relative humidity.
  • Measures and regulates the concentration of carbon dioxide.
  • Controls trays turning mechanism.
  • Additional channel for auxiliary equipment.
  • Counter of rotation of the trays turning mechanism.
  • Monitoring of the rotation of air circulation fan.
  • Monitoring of the status of the cell door.
  • "COOL" mode for waterfowl.
  • Counting the cost of electricity for the entire incubation period.
  • New generation of system management module ventilation.
  • Servo choke control.
  • Sub-diagnostic program of in-circuit faults.
  • Light and sound system of notification of accidents.
  • A special program of remote monitoring and controls "ISIDA-8".
Technical characteristics
Temperature measurementfrom -50,0 up to +125,0 °С
Temperature controls from 0,0 up to +99,9 °С
The accuracy of temperature control0,2 °С
Regulation RHfrom 5% up to 100%
Accuracy of relative humidity control 3,5%
The time generated by the timer at each position 1 min. up to 999 min.
The maximum power connected to the output of the heaternot more than 6000 Watt.
The maximum power connected to the output of the humidifiernot more than 500 Watt.
The maximum power connected to an additional outputnot more than 500 Watt.
The maximum power connected to the output trays turning mechanismnot more than 500 Watt.
Environment temperaturefrom 0,0 up to +30,0 °С
Power supply~220V/±12V
Running timearound the clock
Unit Dimensions not more than130х110х40 mm.
Name Amount
System unit "ISIDA-8"1 pc.
Digital temperature sensor2 pcs.
Set of connecting cables1 set.
Operating Instructions manual1 pc.
Additional equipment available separately

  • The third temperature sensor.
  • Electronic humidity sensor.
  • Monitoring of the trays turning module.
  • Monitoring of the low-speed fan module.
  • Carbon dioxide control module.
  • Alternative heating module.
  • Electrical network unloading module.
  • Supports simultaneous connection up to 30 complexes "ISIDA-8"
  • Continuous automatic control of incubation parameters (temperature, humidity trays turning).
  • The user can view the temperature and humidity of graphics in real time.
  • Save and export the log data in various formats from all connected temperature controllers.
  • Automatically send e-mail og the the log data in the user-specified intervals.
  • Automatically send SMS messages to mobile phone specified by the user.
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