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Klimat 4.20 Pro

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Sensors sets:

Set #1 temperature sensor 2 pcs.
Set #2 temperature sensor 1 pcs.; relative humidity sensor 1 pcs.
Set #3 temperature sensor 2 pcs.; relative humidity sensor 1 pcs.

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Heating controller uses sensors of the following types:
Digital high-accuracy temperature sensor (errors of ±0,2°С).
Electronic relative humidity sensor (errors of ±3,5%).
In additiont, the heating controller can use a psychrometer consisting of "dry" и "wet" temperature sensors for measuring the relative humidity.
The heating controller automatically recognizes connected sensors.

Outputs of control system

01 Timer (relay, switching contact) - controls the trays turning
а) electric motor

02 Channel №1 (relay, close contact) - heating
а) Incandescent lamps and capacity of up to 800 Watt.

03 Channel №2 (relay, close contact) - humidification
a) electromagnetic valve with the water control.
b) ultrasonic fog generator

04 Auxiliary channel (relay, close contact)- auxiliary equipment
a) external alarm;
b) external air supply fan;
c) drying fan.

  • Measures and regulates the temperature.
  • Measured and controlled relative humidity.
  • Controls turning mechanism trays.
  • An additional channel for auxiliary equipment.
  • Protection against the breakdown of the triac.
  • Built-in real time clock with lithium battery.
  • Controls actuator air damper.
  • Counter rotation mechanism passes trays.
  • 4 incubation program.
  • Download new software from a PC.
  • Port to connect to a PC.
  • Remote management of the incubator at a distance of up to 1000 meters.
  • Free program "KLUSTER"
Temperature mesuarement from -50,0 to +125,0 °С
Temperature regulation from 0,0 to +99,9 °С
Temperature control accuracy0,2 °С
Relative humidity regulationfrom 5% to 100%
Control accuracy of relative humidity 3,5%
Time processed by the timer in each positionfrom 1 min. to 999 min.
Maximum capacity connected to the output of heating elementnot more than 800 Watt.
Maximum capacity connected to the output of humidifiernot more than 800 Watt.
Maximum capacity connected to the auxiliary outputnot more than 800 Watt.
Maximum capacity connected to the output of the trays turning mechanismnot more than 500 Watt.
Environment temperaturefrom 0,0 to +30,0 °С
Power supply~220V/±12V
Operation time24-hours basis
Dimensions not more than130х110х40 mm.
Name Quantity
Thermostat "KLIMAT"1 pcs.
Digital temperature sensor (DS18b20)according to the selected set
Relative humidity sensor (HIH5030)according to the selected set
Power adapter 220V/12V/1000mА1 pcs.
Set of connecting cables1 set.
Manual1 pcs.
Accessories sold separately
  • Converter USB / RS485.
  • Cable digital network.
  • Air damper with actuator.
  • Supports simultaneous connection of up to 4 thermostats "KLIMAT Pro"
  • Continuous automatic control of incubation parameters (temperature, humidity, rotation of the trays).
  • , the User can view graphs of temperature and humidity in real time.
  • Saving and exporting log data in various formats from all the connected thermostats.
  • Automatic emailing of log data at user-specified intervals.
  • Automatically send SMS messages at user-specified mobile phones.
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