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Designed for recording of analog and digital signals coming from technological objects and their mathematical processing and visualization, as well as recording the values ​​of these signals into a database for later analysis.
Logger is exchanging information with the connected digital temperature sensors and input modules. The modules collect external analog and digital signals and generating digital data, which are read by the registrar.
The read data is stored in non-volatile memory recorder and connecting the PC - are transmitted via the RS485 interface to the basic software.

  • Distributed modular design.
  • The convenient LCD display allows you to take sensor readings without the use of additional communication equipment.
  • Register discrete input digital temperature sensors (30 pcs.).
  • Register of the analog signals (20 channels) and their mathematical processing.
  • Non-volatile memory ensures the safety of the measurement data, even during long power outages.
  • The data is transmitted to a personal computer via the fieldbus RS485, which ensures uninterrupted communication at distances up to 500 meters.
  • Convenient visualization program "DataLOG" allows you to view archived data in the form of graphs and tables for a selected period of time.
Technical characteristics      
The number of digital temperature sensors 30 pcs.      
The number of analog gauges up to 20 channels      
The maximum length of the network without additional repeaters 300 m.      
Recording interval of parametric sensor readings from 1 min. up to 999 min.      
Built-in communication interface to a PC RS485      
Power supply = 9 -. 12Watt      
Power consumption 5 Watt or less.      
Running time around the clock      
Dimensions of the device 130h110h40 mm.
In the program the read data are subjected to mathematical processing and converted into the measured values considering scale and the measured parameter. The measured values are supplied to each of 4 channel logic comparators, which generate signals in accordance with a given function.
The measured values are logged (archived) and displayed in table form and in the form of graphs. Logging and visualization software provides a display of selected values in the form of tables, bar graphs, trends, various types of indicators on the PC monitor, as well as the printing of the data.
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