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  • The controller, based on temperature and humidity, makes ventilation controls in full including heating, cooling and humidification.
  • It is possible to operate the mechanisms in the automatic mode and manually set the desired value.
  • All controls are combined in a local network and connected to a personal computer.
  • Round the clock control is carried out with the operator's workplace, which provides visual indication of the temperature of ventilation modes in real time.
  • Easy usage and customize thanks to the clear symbols on the screen.
  • Control of ventilation, heating, humidification / cooling system.
  • All measurement data, settings and ventilation mode are displayed.
  • Expanded regulation at a predetermined temperature curve.
  • Cyclic switching stages at the lowest ventilation level.
  • Step climate control, automatic and manual mode.
  • Connecting to a PC via LAN.
  • The software works by using a user-friendly interface.
  • Detailed protocol of temperature and ventilation mode, history and analysis.
The structural diagram of a microclimate controller.
  • Digital indoor air temperature sensors - 3 pcs.
  • Digital outdoor temperature sensors - 1 pc.
  • Relative humidity sensor - 1 pc.
  • Number of operation channels - 8 relays, 6 DAC
  • Control of supply of the air mine valves (up to 20 mines).
  • Control of supply and exhaust fans (4 groups).
  • Control of frequency converters (4 groups).
  • Control of lateral exhaust fans.
  • Control of heat generators.
  • Humidifier control.
  • Connection interface to the RS485 local network.
  • User-friendly software.
Technical characteristics
Temperature measurement from -50,0 to +125,0 °С
Temperature controlsfrom 0,0 to +99,9 °С
The accuracy of temperature control0,2 °С
Regulation RHfrom 5% to 100%
Accuracy of relative humidity control 5%
6 DAC outputs2 - 10 V.
8 relay outputs 220 V, 2 А.
protection class IP54
Environment temperaturefrom 0,0 to +30,0 °С
Power supply~220V/12V.
Running timearound the clock
Unit Dimensions not more than130х110х40 mm.
Контроллер вентиляции "СКИРОН"1 шт.
Цифровые датчики температуры внутреннего воздуха3 шт.
Цифровые датчики температуры наружного воздуха1 шт.
Комплект соединительных кабелей1 шт.
Additional equipment available separately

  • USB / RS485 Converter.
  • The digital network cable.
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