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  • The controller "MICELIUM" designed to control the mushroom growing process.
  • The controller ventilation provides regulation based on performance of compost temperature, air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration in its full, including heating and cooling.
  • For each of the five phases of cultivation using programmable graphical control curves, which can be operated in automatic or manual mode.
  • All controllers are combined in a local network and connected to a PC via RS485 Industrial interface.
  • Easy to use and customize thanks to the obvious symbols on the screen.
  • ventilation control, heating, humidification / cooling system.
  • All measurement data, settings and ventilation mode are displayed.
  • Expanded regulation at a predetermined temperature curve.
  • Automatic / manual shift from one phase to the other growing on the given technology criteria.
  • Individual parameters and modes of operation mechanisms for each of the five business growing phase.
  • Connecting to a PC via the local network.
  • The software works by using user-friendly interface.
  • Detailed temperature and ventilation mode protocol, history and analysis.
Structural diagram of the microclimate controller.
  • Power supply - 160...245 V frequency 47 ... 63 Hz
  • Digital sensors of indoor air temperature - 1 pc.
  • Digital compost temperature sensors - 4 pcs.
  • Relative humidity sensor 1 pc.
  • Number of controlling channels - 6 relays, 4 DACs
  • Interface to connect to local network - RS485.

Control Channels:

  • The valve of the humidifier.
  • Hot / cold water pumps.
  • Motors of ventilation and air extraction..
  • Positional three-way ball valves
  • Swivel mechanism ventilation flaps.
  • Frequency converter fan motors.
Technical characteristics
Temperature measurement from -50,0 to +125,0 °С
Temperature controlsfrom 0,0 to +99,9 °С
The accuracy of temperature control0,2 °С
Regulation RHfrom 5% to 100%
Accuracy of relative humidity control 5%
4 DAC outputs2 - 10 V.
6 relay outputs 220 V, 2 А.
protection class IP54
Environment temperaturefrom 0,0 to +30,0 °С
Power supply~220V/12V.
Running timearound the clock
Unit Dimensions no more130х110х40 mm.
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